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Time Series Forecasting and Classification

Time Series Forecasting and Classification are essential tools in today’s data-driven landscape. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in harnessing the power of time-based data to extract invaluable insights for your business. Whether you’re looking to predict future values of given variable, detect anomalies, or classify temporal events, our expertise in time series analysis ensures you make data-driven decisions with precision and confidence.

Applications: Dive into the diverse applications of time series analysis across industries. From financial market forecasting and energy consumption predictions to health monitoring and industrial maintenance, we can helped organizations of all types leverage the time series data to their advantage.

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Techniques: we use only the latest deep learning architectures to effectively model and analyze time series data. In particular, we use our version of the Transformer algorithm called Query Selector, which has achieved state-of-the-art results on popular scientific public datasets and can help solve the most difficult problems in the area of time series modeling.

You can read more about the Query Selector algorithm in our paper on arXiv and in the journal Software Impacts.


The State-of-the-Art results that Query Selector has achieved are presented on Paper With Code.


Please also visit our blog to read more about Query Selector and our approach to Time Series Forecasting and Classification.

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